Kampala and Coming of Stores

Kampala is the capital city of Uganda started made use of in 1880 by the king of Buganda as a hurting ground of the impalas, That is how the Kabaka’s subject got the name “Kampala” meaning the mountain of impala Kampala International University, “Ka mpala”

There was a british Military police officer at that time called Captain Fredrick Lugard built a fortification at Old Kampala mountain who further established Kampala as an admin city during that time and ever since it has been.

Kampala started with seven inclines, now has many as twenty inclines, has a lot of historical and beautiful places like the Kasubi tombs, the burial places of the kings of Buganda, Mengo palace one of the earliest African-american palaces, Bahai forehead, Namugongo’ Shrines which commemorates Christians that were burned alive in 1886 on order of Kabaka of Buganda, the Uganda museum featuring display the uganda cultural heritage, a vivid reminder of the seemingly magical past, The National theatre which opened in 1959. “Makerere university” one of the best universities in Photography equipment. Mulago hospital which was the best and largest in East Photography equipment, Namirembe cathedral, Rubaga Cathedral, Kibuli mosque, old Kampala mosque all make up Kampala as great city.

Kampala is well known as” the green city in the sun” due to it’s location near the equator and lake Victoria. Kampala has population of nearly 3 millions during the day and 1. 5 throughout the night.

The city has been growing greatly, attracting tourists and also known the past common wealth meeting which happened in 2007. New hotels and stores have been set up such Kasumba Sq Shopping mall at the edge of Kampala Upper bypass and Busega Round About, Garden City at Yusuf Lule Rd in Nakasero, Lugogo shopping mall at Lugogo, and many in the business region.

Many five star hotels like Speke resort Munyonyo, Serena hotel, Sheraton hotel, Grand Imperial etc. are turning Kampala to be a modern City, it is a good destination for a visit, people are friendly, the next thunderstorm is good and all international stock markets can be used.